Featured here is a small sample of originals dating from the 1970s to the present day.  Subject matters range from the marvellous, dream-like worlds of children's classic tales to the darker, heavier scenes of the rock record cover.

Matthews' originals are highly collectible.  He has committed collectors all over the world, some of whom remain anonymous, whilst others, like John Cleese, do not.  In fact the hugely popular actor, writer and producer is so outrageously pleased with his collection, that he issued the following warning ahead of Matthews' exhibition held at The Bishop's Palace, Wells, UK in 2016:

"I have several of Rodney’s masterpieces.  I warn you: if you start looking at the images, you’ll be hooked, and don’t blame me"!

If you do find yourself hooked and would like to see more of what is available, then please do get in touch.
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