Time on Our Side (The Rolling Stones)

Time on Our Side (The Rolling Stones)

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At the end of 2015, Coda Records asked Matthews to re-imagine his artwork Another Time, Another Place, so that it incorporated the classic Stones line-up featuring Brian Jones.  In 2016 the record company released the updated gate-fold image, retitled Another Time, Another Place II, on a limited edition bronze vinyl of rare, live broadcasts, recorded in America during the sixties.  

Roll on several months and the company is back in contact to commission a prequel image.  So, if you've ever wondered why the legendary group are sat around the camp-fire, discussing their spoils, in that iconic Matthews dystopian landscape, then here's your chance to find out.

In Matthews' own words:

"Firstly, I ought to point out that I chose the Stones for the role as mercenaries, because I've always considered them to be the mean and moody bad boys of rock 'n' roll; slightly aggressive and sullen, unlike the fresh-faced Beatles - no offence intended for either band!

Part one of the trilogy sees the group returning from the sacking of the city that burns behind them - Keith Richards was always a bit lax when it came to disposing of his dogends!

The one-eyed (yet "two-pupilled") elephant, complete with "brontesaurian" tail, is one they requisitioned from a herd of beasts, known for their irritability and pugnacious attitude.  This one is further exasperated by Charlie Watts' incessant drum beats. 

In the background, perched high above a rock stack, is the decaying, skeletal ship that the rapacious crew have recently embarked from."

Additional information:

  • Title: Time on Our Side
  • Year: 2017
  • Materials: pencil on tracing paper
  • Size (including mount): 49cm x 82.8cm (19.3” x 32.6”)
  • Presentation: mounted and wrapped in cellophane
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