Into the Valley of the Moonking Original Pencil Sketch by Rodney Matthews

Into the Valley of the Moonking (Magnum)

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Another idea by Tony Clarkin, who described the scene to Matthews saying "I want a Moses-like character gesturing towards the valley and a schoolboy of slightly ragged appearance contemplating the suggestion that he go forth into the landscape." It's obvious that the boy could not resist the temptation, as he later appears in the Sacred Blood 'Divine' Lies painting. Tony described most of the other features in the work, leaving Matthews to add the two mice, which he has recently named "Jochan" and "Woody".

Additional information:
  • Title: Into the Valley of the Moonking
  • Year: 2008
  • Materials: pencil on tracing paper
  • Size (including mount): 40.1cm x 47cm (15.8" x 18.5")
  • Presentation: mounted and wrapped in cellophane