In the Media

Title Format Issue # Date
HRH Mag Magazine Out Now Featured article - 'Rodney Matthews - Electric Rock Exhibition'
Record Collector Magazine 482 Aug 2018 Front cover - image 'Prog Almighty' - plus featured article Fantastic Voyage
illustrators Art Journal 21 Winter 2017 Front cover - image 'Time on our Side' - plus interview
Ganesha Magazine 20 Winter 2017 Front cover - image 'Tiger Moth', plus interview
Rock Kandy Magazine 2 Jun -Jul 2017 Interview Classic Sleeves Dissected: Magnum - Chase the Dragon
Imagine FX Magazine 148 Jun 2017 Featured article Artist in Residence
Fear Magazine 41 Apr - May 2017 Front cover - image 'On a Storyteller's Night', plus Interview Webzine n/a Jan 2017 Interview Asia, Magnum, Uriah Heep Artist Rodney Matthews as Busy as Ever
'Record Collector Magazine 457 Sep 2016 Front Cover - image 'Encore at the End of Time' - plus interview RC Investigates

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