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  • Warlock of the Witch World original pencil drawing
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Witch World: Warlock of the Witch World original pencil drawing

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'Warlock of the Witch World', a signed original pencil drawing on tracing paper from 1978. One of eight cover designs commissioned by Tandem/Universal Books for Andre Norton's Witch World (also known as the Estcarp Cycle) of novels. This piece was presented to the publishers for their approval before the colour work commenced.

Authentication is provided by an accompanying certificate of authenticity, which will be "genuine original artwork" stamped, dated and hand-signed by Rodney Matthews.

Image measures 355 (h) x 470 (w) mm

With mount, finished item measures 501 (h) x 588 (w) mm

Creases are visible where the paper had been previously folded.  There are small yellow ink stains on the bottom left quarter of the image.  The condition is reflected in the price.