Rodney Matthews Studios

Mr and Mrs Rodney Matthews

A master of his craft, fantasy illustrator and conceptual designer, Rodney Matthews, has spent a life-time creating wondrous worlds, filled with an array of bizarre inhabitants.  Outlandish they may be, but strangely believable nonetheless.

Perhaps his creativity and brilliance lies in his ability to study and truly understand the natural world around him, from the anatomy of the tiniest insect at his feet, to the endless open skies above his head?  He stops, he waits, he listens and then, inspired, he puts pencil to paper.  The burrs of an ancient oak tree bare the face of a wise old man, a waterfall playfully plunges into another solar system, a steam-train grows to gargantuan proportions! 

Perhaps the awesomeness and beauty of his art lies in his natural talent, complemented by carefully honed skills?  The end result, snapshots of his creative genius, appear effortless, belying the myriad ideas meticulously crafted and the hundreds of hours spent applying thousands upon thousands of tiny brush-strokes. 

Perhaps the longevity of his illustrious career lies in his proven versatility, reigning as new artistic movements have come and gone over the decades? Matthews is a survivor, with an imagination unlimited, unleashing to this day, ideas as fresh and new as the day he left art college. 

So how exactly does a fantasist keep his feet on the ground?  What stops him from wiling away the hours upon a mantis steed or boarding a ship ready to set sail across an ocean of fields?  Matthews and his wife Sarah call it the “Walt and Roy” phenomenon. 

An avid Disney fan since witnessing, as a child, his father draw Mickey Mouse and friends across the living room walls, Matthews always knew, that like Walt himself, he needed a Roy Disney to keep him in check.  In 2015, when Sarah began working alongside Rodney it soon became evident that he had found what he was looking for.  Just like Walt’s brother Roy, Sarah has endless enthusiasm for assisting her partner in making his dreams come true, but at the same time knows when to put a foot down and cap fruitless expenditures.  By 2016 their relationship had blossomed in more ways than one, not only did they become business partners, renaming the company Rodney Matthews Studios to match their aspirations, but they also got married!

With both Mr and Mrs Matthews at the helm, Rodney Matthews Studios is a powerhouse of ideas and production.  Combining their complementary talents, the pair have not only vastly increased their product catalogue, held six successful exhibitions, and produced an award-winning calendar, but also behind the scenes they have been quietly working away on several intellectual properties, which undoubtedly will burst onto the scene in the not too distant future.