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Magnum: Sleepwalking limited edition giclèe art print

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A limited edition print reproduced from the original pencil drawing to commemorate Sleepwalking's 25th anniversary.

In true Magnum tradition, Tony Clarkin sketched out the essence of what he wanted for this album cover, and in true Matthews tradition he made a few additions. The mirror shows Tony shaven-headed as he is now, besides a wig to remind people of how he used to look.  The suggestion that he ever did wear a wig is purely Matthew's own little joke.  Other Matthews inclusions are the jets from 'The Eleventh Hour', the bag and stick from 'On A Storyteller's Night', certain book titles, the Lord's Prayer scroll, Birmingham City football socks and the nose boil ointment as used by Bob Catley when the cover was being discussed - sorry Bob!

Matthews remembers that this illustration took twenty-six days to complete, and, whilst not typical of his style of illustration, it was a challenge he enjoyed.  He also enjoyed several trips to the Magnum studio, where he was able to hear some of the tracks being laid down.

  • Full Title: 'Sleepwalking' 
  • Edition: limited to only 75 giclée prints, hand-signed and numbered by Rodney Matthews
  • Size (height x width): 457 x 787 mm (18 x 31 inches)
  • Materials: pigmented inks &  art paper
  • Printed by: Pricelis Art Ltd, UK