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Rodney Matthews and Friends: Lost in the Wild Wood CD

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The latest winter offering - a single track CD of an original piece of music co-written by Pete Coleman and Tony Clarkin, with Matthews' lyrics inspired by a quote from Kenneth Grahame's classic tale The Wind in the Willows:

"Beyond the Wild Wood comes the Wide World," said the Rat. "And that's something that doesn't matter, either to you or to me."

Despite the warning, Mole resolves to enter the Wild Wood, intent upon making the acquaintance of one particular inhabitant, Mr Badger.  His cheer and exhilaration of exploration however is short-lived.  For the Wild Wood is not just a place, but a state of mind! As dusk advances the psychological terror begins: faces loom, hard-eyes pierce, shrill whistling, chasing, pattering footsteps!  Could there be anything worse - the Wide World perhaps?

Tony Clarkin (Magnum) - Composer/Guitar

Pete Coleman - Composer/Multi-instrumentalist

Bob Catley (Magnum/Avantasia) - Vocals

Charlotte Dickerson - Vocals

Oliver Wakeman (Yes) - Keyboards

Roberto Vitelli - Bass

Clare Hines - Electro Hurdy Gurdy

Rodney Matthews - Drums

Customer Reviews

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Carsten Schulz
Wonderful Song

Please do another full length album!

Dave Grant

Superb CD. Wonderful performances from all the participating musicians, and Rodney's stunning artwork complements the music beautifully.

(Reviewed on Trustpilot)

Dave Grant
Oh, for a full album...

Exemplary musicianship from all performers on this terrific composition, and the artwork and presentation of this single is equally superb. The clarity of the mix is also deserving of the highest praise.

I would have been delighted if each section had been longer, as the entire piece is over too soon. I think that such an intriguing idea truly deserves to be extended into an entire concept album.

How about it, Rodney? I'm sure your friends would be interested in collaborating with you to bring such an album to fruition. Here's hoping!

Marco Kluth

Fantastic fantasy artwork.
(Reviewed on Trustpilot)

Daniel Kück
Trustpilot Review

Very good Song. Like a top new Magmun Output with female voice in the verses 1+2 of seven verses (verses 3+7 -> Bob Catley🙂)