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  • Dyvim Slorm and Dragon original pencil drawing by Rodney Matthews
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Elric of Melniboné: The Dragon Lord (Detail from) - Dyvim Slorm and Dragon original pencil drawing

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A signed original pencil drawing on tracing paper from 1976.  Titled 'Detail from The Dragon Lord - Dyvim Slorm and Dragon'.  This artwork preceded the now iconic image 'The Dragon Lord', inspired by Michael Moorcock's novel Elric of Melniboné.

Authentication will be provided by an accompanying certificate of authenticity; "genuine original artwork" stamped, dated and hand-signed by Rodney Matthews.

Visible paper size measures 249 (h) x 221 (w) mm.  Upon purchase, artwork will be mounted and backed increasing the size of the finished product.

Paper has been cut in an irregular shape.  Two creases are visible across the image.  The condition is reflected in the price.