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  • Mirador ... Rodney Matthews 1983 Calendar
  • Month of January - Chase the Dragon
  • Month of May - Encore at the End of Time
  • Month of July - The Fall of the Golden Age
  • Month of October - Werther's Skull
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1983 Mirador calendar

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A sought after calendar from 1983 titled 'Mirador ... Rodney Matthews'

Wire bound, glossy front cover, lustre finished heavyweight paper

Hand-signed by Rodney Matthews

Measures 419 (h) x 419 (w) mm 

Printed in the UK

More about the images:

January - Chase the Dragon

February - Sanctuary

March - Time Tells No lies

April - In the Flamelands

May - Encore at the End of Time

June - The Bug Wars

July - The Fall of the Golden Age

August - The Battlefield of Chaos

September - Stop the Slaughter

October - Werther's Skull

November - Inverted Landscapes

December - Mirador

Customer Reviews

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Christopher Andrew Simpson
1983 Mirador Calendar

I bought this Calendar when it came out for 1983. I loved it then, and still love it, even now. As with all the Calenders that I bought, I still have it, carefully shelved with the others. For those who do not know, the Title "Mirador" is French for "Watchtower", by the way. Mr. Matthew's artwork just has, for me, a certain marvelous "hits the mark" style.


I bought this calendar in 1983 and loved it. However, after many house moves I lost it. I was so thrilled to find it for sale on your website, ordered it as soon as I saw it and it arrived yesterday! I brought back so many happy memories of a time spent travelling with bands.
The calendar was well packaged and is just perfect. I am so happy with it, thank you. xxx