1971: Fred Wedlock - 'The Folker'

 The Folker

1971: Ian A. Anderson - 'A Vulture Is Not A Bird You Can Trust'

A Vulture is not a Bird you can Trust 

1971: Pigsty Hill Light Orchestra - 'Piggery Jokery'

Piggery Jokery

1971: Various Artists - 'The Great White Dap' (EP)

The Great White Dap

1972: Amon Düül II - 'Live In London'

 Live In London

1972: Dave Evans - 'Elephantasia'


1972: Vassar Clements - 'Hillbilly Jazz Volume 1'

Hillbilly Jazz Volume 1

1972: Vassar Clements - 'Hillbilly Jazz Volume 2'

Hillbilly Jazz Volume 2

1972: Hunt & Turner - 'Magic Landscape'

 Magic Landscape

1972: Ian A. Anderson - 'Singer Sleeps On As Blaze Rages'

Singer Sleeps on as Blaze Rages 

1972: Stefan Grossman - 'The Gramercy Park Sheik'

The Gramercy Park Sheik

1972: Various Artists (Feat. Little Richard, Sam Cooke and more) - 'This Is How It all Began vol 2'

This is How it all Began vol 2

1973: Al Jones - 'Jonesville'


1973: Art Rosenbaum - 'Five String Banjo'

Five String Banjo

1973: Bola Sete - 'Ocean'


1973: Captain Lockheed and the Starfighters - 'Ejection' (EP)


1973: Dave Carlsen (Feat. Noel Redding, Keith Moon & Spencer Davis) - 'Pale Horse'

 Pale Horse

1973: David Stone & Allan Schiller - 'Delius'


1973: Fred Wedlock - 'Frollicks'


1973: Hamish Imlach - 'All Round Entertainer'

All Round Entertainer 

1973: Stefan Grossman - 'Aunt Molly's Murray Farm

Aunt Molly's Farm

1973: Stefan Grossman - 'Contemporary Ragtime Guitar'

Contemporary Ragtime Guitar

1973: The Dartington String Quartet - 'Shostakovich'


1974: Brinsley Schwarz - 'Brinsley Schwarz's Original Golden Greats'

Brinsley Schwarz's Original Golden Greats

1974: Geoffrey Woodruff 'Geoffrey Woodruff "Live"'

Geoffrey Woodruff 'Live'

1974: Old Pete - 'Old Pete'

Old Pete

1974: Old Pete - 'Old Pete's Christmas Story'

Old Pete's Christmas Story

1974: Various Artists - 'Some People Play Guitar Like A Lotta People Don't!'

Some People Play Guitar Like A Lotta People Don't!

1975: Halfbreed - 'Halfbreed'


1976: 20th Century Steel Band - 'Yellow Bird Is Dead'

Yellow Bird is Dead

1977: Bo Hansson - 'Music Inspired by Lord of the Rings' 

Artwork: A View Over Isengard (available as an open edition print - click here for more details)

A View Over Isengard


1979: Nazareth - 'May the Sunshine' (Single); and 'No Mean City'

Artwork: No Mean City (available in two different sizes as an open edition print - click here for more details)

No Mean City


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