On a Storyteller's Night Gift Wrap by Rodney Matthews

Welcome to the Website

Most of you may be thinking: 'Why is it he never updates his rodneymatthews.com website?'  Well let me put you out of your misery.  This new one has been constructed in short order by my wife/agent/spokesperson - Sarah.  It is very much a work in in progress, to be enlarged and added to regularly.  I think it's great!

We have here many items for sale that are first-timers for me - including placemats, coasters, worktop savers and wrapping paper.  Other mystery merchandise is now under consideration and will be added shortly.  Apart from the merchandise, there is much catching up to be done.  Over that last six months, Sarah and I have moved premises, got married

Mr and Mrs Matthews - Our Wedding Day

released four new prints - The Ice Spirit, Sleepwalking, St Valentine's Cloud and The Dragon Lord

The Dragon Lord by Rodney Matthews

held an exhibition - 'Matthews in Graphite'

Matthews in Graphite Exhibition 2017

and I am currently painting a couple of images for a pair of vinyl limited editions for a retro Rolling Stones package.  After that - more album art and some Michael Moorcock imagery for a book.  Yes - I have turned a full circle since my Moorcock stuff in the mid seventies.

Oh, and with our other spare hands, we are rushing to complete the Trinity album.  This very day we are having an alto sax solo, by Charles McNeal, recorded by Asia's John Payne in Las Vegas.

Trinity by Rodney Matthews


Hi Rod and Sarah,
Thanks so much for your card and CD. I have lost your details and would love to get in contact.
Please forward your personal details like a telephone number or something so that I can call you.
It’s been too long !!!!! Luv Grapes and Jenny x

David 'Grapes' Fielding

Just pre ordered Trinity, can’t wait for it to arrive 😁

Annmarie Black

Nice to see your still working Taff, its been a long time since you set light to the Symbols at the end of a Pentworths People Gig. Hope all is well with you.

William John Hendy

Have a happy Christmas Mr Matthews

Stephen Parsons

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