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It's all happening at Rodney Matthews Studios

It's all happening at Rodney Matthews Studios

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The Serpent Rings print by Rodney Matthews

First, something for the Magnum fans - an open edition print of 'The Serpent Rings' has been reproduced and I am pleased to offer a very limited number of these prints – only 30 – co-signed by Tony Clarkin, the man behind the concept of this album cover artwork. Magnum fans may already know, that unlike my other album artworks, the concept ideas – ever since ‘The Eleventh Hour’ – have always been by Mr Clarkin.

And, a little bit of history for you.  It was sometime in 1981 that I happened upon an interview in the music press in which Tony talked frankly about his worldview and the motivation behind his lyrics.  I was well impressed, and after buying an early Magnum album, I tracked down Tony via his record company and offered my services as record cover designer and illustrator.  It helped my cause that I had noticed some references in Clarkin’s lyrics to the works of Michael Moorcock, the author for whom I had already painted book covers, poster designs and a calendar for 1978.  My communication was received enthusiastically, leading to my first Magnum album art commission, ‘Chase the Dragon’, on Jet Records.
To this day I still consider Tony Clarkin to be an important wordsmith for our time, a statement that over the years has been substantiated by not only the many dedicated Magnum fans but also often by my own.

'The Serpent Rings' print is available now.  Click here to get 10% off, taking the price down from £48 to £43.20 - this introductory offer ends midnight on 15th December.  No extra charge is being made for co-signed prints.  



Trinity Album Cover ©  StudiosRodney MatthewsI am so pleased to finally be able to announce that Trinity will be released on 13th December 2019!  If have already made a pre-order purchase, then you have probably been left wondering  when you will receive it and for that I am very sorry

It was with great excitement that Sarah and I shared the good news with you some weeks back that Trinity had been taken on by a record label.  However, our enthusiasm waned as we realised that the label would not give us a release date and their promises of a pre-Christmas release began to look less and less likely.   We had to do something; we knew that you, our wonderful, supportive customers, had paid out your hard-earned money for this and we could not let you down.  So, between myself, Sarah and Jeff Scheetz we made the decision to pull out of our record deal and to get the show on the road ourselves!

If you have made a purchase from the company that was handling the record label's sales, please do not worry, your order is safe and will be honoured.  If you haven't and would like to pre-order, you can now do so directly from this website - click here to view the whole collection..  Please be assured that either way,  we are working on it - quite literally night and day - to make this happen!




And now a sneak preview for you of the CD artwork for the 'In the Bleak Midwinter' track that myself and Oliver Wakeman recently recorded.  On Tuesday, with all the mixing and mastering complete, we were finally able to sign off on the recordings to be replicated on CD.  We hope to have them in our hands by the end of next week.  As soon as we know a definitive date we will announce its release and put it up on the store for sale. 

In the meantime though, we have had the artwork reproduced as an open edition giclée print.  Click here to view - the introductory offer price of £49.50 ends midnight, 29th November 2019.  It is also appearing on the lids of Lily O' Brien's chocolate boxes for a limited period.  Click here to view - pre-orders must be in before midnight, 21st November 2019. 

As if that wasn't enough you will soon find the image on Christmas cards - we are eagerly awaiting our stock of cards.  They will be square with the image spanning both front and back, printed on a hammer finish white card. 

All the best





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Hi Sarah / Rodney
Are all trinity pre orders still hopeful of a pre Christmas arrival? Im sure its fine (and possibly awaiting my return home today)


Michael Reid

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