Rodney Matthews and Ian A. Anderson

Old times with folk musician Ian A. Anderson

Rodney Matthews with Ian A. Anderson
One of my old friends, who turned up at Bourton on the Water, was the folk musician Ian A. Anderson.  In the past, he commissioned artworks for his band Tiger Moth.  
Tiger Moth by Rodney Matthews | Commissioned by Ian A. Anderson for his album Tiger Moth
This image is Tiger Moth, for the album cover of the same name.  Incidentally, I am often asked which of my paintings is my favourite.  Tiger Moth is in my top three!  

Sextet by Rodney Matthews | Commissioned by Ian A. Anderson for his album Howling Moth
I titled this one Sextet.  It was commissioned for Tiger Moth's album Howling Moth.  
Obviously, Ian and I talked about old times, including the fact that we both played at the first Glastonbury festival.  The stage was an old flatbed hay trailer, with a tarpaulin backdrop! I was with my band Squidd.
Rodney Matthews of Squidd at the first Glastonbury Festival
Another band I did artwork for at the time was Stackridge, whose manager generally rejected my album art ideas.  This was one of the fallen:
The Last Armada by Rodney Matthews
Thankfully, it turned out to be one of my top-selling posters!  
The Stackridge boast was that they were the first band on at the first Glastonbury Festival!  Well before The Rolling Stones made their Glastonbury debut in 2013!

Ian A. Anderson was always a great Michael Moorcock fan and remembers meeting him at my exhibition in 1985 at the Langton Gallery, Kings Road, London.  He was interested to know that I am currently working on a deluxe collector's edition of Stormbringer.




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It was’nt me that rejected those designs , Rodney ( old friend) ….as far as I recall it was either members of the band or , more likely MCA Records.

Mike Tobin

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