Highbury ... the house that rocked!

Highbury ... the house that rocked!

Sarah and Rodney Matthews at Highbury Hall

Sarah and I would like to thank all you lovely people who supported us by showing up at our latest and greatest exhibition at Highbury Hall, Birmingham (19th and 20th January 2019).

It was one of those shows that had a family feel to it – not only because Sarah’s mum, my kids, my sister and some relatives were there, but because so many customers, who over the years have also become our friends, were also there. Some people came from far afield – The Netherlands, and Sweden, as well as from distant parts of the UK.

Praying Mantis played three exceptional sets in the “mantis" room, receiving the justified adoration of their fans, while our “camera” team (SD_Photography and Capturvate) shot many stunning stills and footage (to follow).

At last Sarah and myself can get back to our normal routine, after months of headless chicken and stressful activity: selecting the 365 exhibits and then taking seemingly endless amounts of pencil sketches and colour originals to Pricelis Art for mounting and framing; hiring of the venue, with several visits, including the making of a promo video (also by Capturvate); labelling the artwork and the buying/hiring of suitable easels for each piece; colour balancing new prints; and so on and so on. While I admit to drawing or painting everything in the place, Sarah did everything else almost single-handedly! She is a very special person.

A couple of notable comments on the venue: Highbury Hall, we have been told, is the original inspiration for the popular board game Cluedo – thankfully there were no incidents involving a lead piping in the dining room, nor a candlestick in the kitchen, while we there; and also the venue was once home to the Chamberlain family – indeed the library (where I had erected a large, black screen adorned with most of my record covers) is reputed to be the very room in which Neville Chamberlain attempted to talk some sense into Adolf Hitler just before the Second World War – nice one Neville!

If you saw something you wanted at the show, but could not make a decision in the general scrum, you might like to know that we will be offering the stuff for sale on our online shop (as soon as Sarah begins to feel human again!) I hope you all arrived home safely with memories of a good night out!

All the best Rodney and Sarah

P.S. Thank you to Jean and Will for the photo of Sarah and I, seen here with our calendar award.

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