Dukes of the Orient

Dukes of the Orient

Dukes of the Orient

Above is a record cover (and logo) that I have had the pleasure of doing for John Payne recently. 

John and I have a mutually agreeable working relationship that goes like this - "You play some bass guitar on my album, and I'll knock up the design for your album cover."  Obviously, I have the better end of the deal, but it has to be said that John has not yet finished all his parts and I have no more leverage on him!   He has three more tracks to do.  For the moment though, I am pleased to say he's done some spiffing stuff on the following tunes:

'The Heavy Metal Hero'
'The Granite Curtain'
'Mirador' (bass and vocals)

    I have known John Payne since working on the Asia albums 'Aqua', 'Arena' and 'Archiva', back when he and Geoff Downes had Electric Palace in London and Loco Studios in South Wales.  Of late, it's been a great experience to visit him at his current studio in Las Vegas, populated by a chaos of critters - I call it the "Private Las Vegas Zoo"!

    Anyway back to John's album 'Dukes of the Orient', which is a new venture featuring John, Erik Norlander and friends - and it is very good stuff!

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    wow great art work for mr paynes new project will the be prints of this or poster for sale at a later date, thanks andy happy new year


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