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Teaser time! Plus new products

Hello Everyone

Apologies for the lack of news of late, but we have been very busy working on a new project.  Sarah and I are very excited about it and look forward to share the details with you soon - hopefully within the next couple of weeks.  Here's a teaser though to whet your appetite (it's best with the sound on):

Since our last post, we have also released some new products. 

An open edition print of 'Jim's Last Ride', cover artwork commissioned by Gethsemane Rose for their album Tattered 'n' Torn:

Jim's Last Ride Art Print | Rodney Matthews Studios

We have added some face masks to our apparel collection, available from Redbubble

Masks at Redbubble | Rodney Matthews Studios

'Trinity', the album, and Yendor, the audiobook are now available to download digitally from Bandcamp:
Trinity at Bandcamp | Rodney Matthews Studios Yendor at Bandcamp | Rodney Matthews Studios
Also, we have added a "Collectors Corner" to our webstore, where you'll find some more unusual items that are no longer in production, including original 1970s and 1980s posters and 1970s notecards.  More items will be added in the future:

Notecards | Rodney Matthews Studios
Anyway, my drawing boards awaits!  
Speak soon

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