Rainbow of Hope © 2020 Rodney Matthews Studios

Free #chasetherainbow print-out

Rainbow of Hope © 2020 Rodney Matthews Studios

- As windows are being filled with rainbows, this is our way of thanking all of those who are selflessly serving us in these difficult times – the NHS workers, the shop workers, the teachers, the delivery drivers, the postal workers, the refuse collectors, everyone who is doing their bit and beyond and to all who are staying at home, adults and children, to keep us all safe. 

This will remain our header on the website and across social media during this crisis.  Feel free to SHARE or to PRINT out and stick on your window (click the image to access a downloadable PDF file).

I created this image – a cross between ‘The Heavy Metal Hero’ and ‘The Ether Stream’ many years ago as a letterhead for a print company, hence the colours and the printing machines in tow.

#chasetherainbow #rainbowtrail #rainbowofhope

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