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NFTs, what’s that?  Non-fungible tokens.  Again, what’s that?

I must admit I ignored the NFT art “revolution” for some time and the inquiries from digital marketplaces wanting to “drop” my work.  Drop it where, I thought, I try to be careful when handling my art.  

NFTs however, were not going away, so I decided to do some research and yes, that brought up a minefield of controversy!  Very basically - it seemed that the idea was to sell digital copies of my hand-painted original artworks.  What I couldn’t understand was why?  Why, would anyone want to buy an intangible piece of art?  There must be more to it, I thought, so I delved deeper. 

It turned out that each digital artwork would be minted (assigned a unique token through Blockchain technology) as proof of its authenticity.  Buying a digital artwork minted as 1 of 1, means that you are the world’s one and only certified owner of the piece.  Similarly, if a digital artwork is minted as an edition of 10, and you buy number 1 of 10, then you know that only 10 will ever be minted.  I could now, almost, see where this was going, the Blockchain minting process certifies exclusivity, which is why they are collectible, which is why someone might buy them?

Yet, I was still not convinced that this form of non-physical art was for me or my loyal customers.  Until that was, a friend introduced me to Gary Bracey, CEO of Terra Virtua, the world’s first immersive digital platform.  His enthusiasm for NFTs is infectious.  

I soon found myself warming to the idea.  More than that, I began to get really quite excited about it all.  I knew that in Terra Virtua's capable hands I would be able to provide digital art in a way that I am comfortable with, something that offers a full experience for buyers.

My images would not only be sold as stills, but they would be animated, with subtle, yet captivating movements, and, in many cases, they would be progressive, merging from pencil to full colour.  As for what you can do with the art you buy, besides being its exclusive owner, you can display it in your own customisable Fancave, which is very impressive!

Click here to have a look and see what is on offer.

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