Time Winds with the Keyboard Wizard!

Time Winds with the Keyboard Wizard!

Well, that’s it! Cover art for the next Magnum album finished.  A long-winded one this time with plenty of small detail that almost got the better of me.  

To me, it's On a Storyteller’s Night with cherries on the top, a lengthy two months’ work, but I am very pleased that I have managed to interpret Tony Clarkin’s vision to his satisfaction.  The album Lost on the Road to Eternity is due to be released 19th January 2018 and can be pre-ordered here.  

Something that will happen before that, is my next exhibition 'Time Winds', to be held once again at The Victoria Hall in Bourton-on-the-Water (click here for more info).  A highlight of this three-day show will be an evening performance by Oliver Wakeman.  Oliver has been working with me for some considerable time on my own album Trinity

He's done some wonderful stuff, which has really enhanced the music and given it what I call flow - his notes sound like they should be there and could not be replaced by anything else.  One of the instrumental numbers is titled November Wedding - a tune written and performed by Oliver at my wedding to Sarah in Scotland last year (see photo left).  We have added drums, guitar, etc. to give it some continuity with the other tracks, although it was originally intended for solo piano.  Oliver will play this at his Bourton recital.  I'm not sure what else he will spring upon us, but you can be sure it will be of the high standard we have come to expect from this keyboard wizard, who has played over 150 shows with mighty prog band YES, and who has knocked out some amazing albums of his own, including Jabberwocky (Oliver signing limited edition prints of Jabberwocky - see photo below). 

Oliver Wakeman signing Jabberwocky limited edition prints

No doubt we will find out more about the 'behind the scenes' activities of Oliver's musical career at Bourton-on-the-Water (where he once lived with his family).   Tickets for the event are available here

Find out more about Oliver by visiting his website Oliver Wakeman.

An Evening of Art & Music with Rodney Matthews and Oliver Wakeman


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Stunning is one word i’d better make it 2 out of this world photo from Magnum’s forthcoming album Lost On The Road Of Eternity


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