Rodney Matthews and Magnum's Tony Clarkin and Bob Catley

Gig Report: Magnum at the Trinity Centre, Bristol and The Tramshed, Cardiff - 20th and 21st February 2018

February 23, 2018 2 Comments

Pre-ShowIt was good to run into so many Magnum fans at these two gigs. I was there with mega Magnum fan Andrew Gallagher, who had flown all the way from Canada via Frankfurt, to follow the 'Lost on the Road to Eternity' tour.

Magnum were on great form at both venues, particularly the Cardiff show, and of course, they were displaying the two new band members - Rick Benson on keyboards and Lee Morris on drums.  I could not help feeling, and indeed saying to Tony Clarkin after the show, that the new blood has given a fresh lease of life to Magnum, to which Tony agreed, between mouthfuls of his post-performance curry! 

Lee was showing off his new drum kit with appropriately decorated images of the Magnum logo as seen on the album art for 'Road to Eternity' and elsewhere.  Lee's extra kick drum patterns added to the pleasantly heavy interpretations of the Magnum repertoire, bringing us a new experience of the favourite songs we already know, as well as the ones we did not. 

The Gigs

In all, a couple of great gigs, rounded off nicely for me by the sight of the smiling Andrew Gallagher clutching a pile of signed items and a well-worn drumstick as he walked away from the Cardiff venue.

RM with Andrew Gallagher and Magnum

2 Responses

Jan Tate
Jan Tate

April 09, 2018

My partner is a big Magnum fan having seen them at least 12 times. He took me to see them in Islington and l am now hooked too lol. I love your work on the album covers and cojld look at it for hours. I intend starting a little collection, l have made a start by ordering your xmas card and cd, cant wait to see it. All the best Jan x

Beryl Williams
Beryl Williams

February 23, 2018

Fantastic review. We were at the Tramshed and I can see myself in a couple of the crowd shots. Rodney we had the pleasure of meeting you in Bournton on Water last year and you and your wife were really friendly. I have got a Rodney Matthews themed dining room and we have a number of your fantastic prints proudly displayed. I have a further 5 to get framed and displayed in my lounge. I think I must be a fan
Thank you for giving us so much pleasure with your wonderful artwork.

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