Rodney Matthews with On a Storyteller's Night Beer Stein

It's hot work watching the wife mow the lawn!

So what have I been up to this week?

First and foremost, I've been spent quite a lot of time at my drawing board.  I've done more work on a (vinyl) album cover, the details of which will soon be revealed.  I've managed to spend some time completing the logo for my own album Trinity.  This project has been a long time coming, but I'm very hopeful of releasing it this autumn.  I've had many Facetime talks this week with John Payne on the run down to the final stages of said album.  

It looks like I will be appearing in some magazines over the coming weeks and months.  I was sent the April/May (issue 41) front cover of British horror, fantasy and science fiction magazine Fear for my approval this week, which of course got the thumbs up. On a Storyteller's Night is the cover image, plus inside is an interview I did with RJ Dent.

Fear Magazine Issue 41 with Rodney Matthews cover image and article | Rodney Matthews Studios

Also, look out for June's issue of Imagine FX, the world's best-selling magazine for digital artists, for a tour of my studio, where I am the month's featured 'Artist in Residence'.

Anyway, back to the week at hand.  This very day I bought a shiny new lawn mower.  After doing a few stripes of the front lawn, the wife said "can I have a go at that?"  You will be mortified to learn that I spent the remainder of the the hot, sunny afternoon, reclining in a cushioned chair, drinking from my magic Storyteller beer stein as Sarah trudged back and forth across the immediate horizon!  Very hot work (for me)!

Rodney Matthews relaxing with beer stein as his wife mows the lawn 

Speaking of drinking vessels, this week we also released eighteen 'Rock Series' mugs into the wilds.  Sarah, (not only a keen gardener) is my new graphic designer, who has worked tirelessly to bring these new products to you.  I am particularly excited about the Crazy Nights mug and The Showdown mug, considering they have not yet been seen in print format.

Crazy Night Mug by Rodney Matthews | Rodney Matthews Studios              The Showdown by Rodney Matthews | Rodney Matthews Studios

We are planning more mugs, together with some other mystery products that will make your knees wobble involuntarily.

Also you may have seen my image Son-Rise on social media lately.  

This image was commissioned in 1991 by Beckmann Video, on behalf of Rick Wakeman, for use on the video and CD cover of his project The Word and the Gospels.  This subject is one that is close to my heart.  Although I do enjoy a chocolate egg at this time of year, this scene reminds him of the true meaning of Easter, with the empty tomb and Christ's triumphant resurrection from the dead.  The image has been released as a small open edition print and a greetings card.  Sarah and I will donate all profits from these two products to The Salvation Army.

There's still plenty to do of course.  There are a couple of new album artworks threatening me right now and for which I will need a couple more arms grafted on as my year's schedule is already impossible!  Oh and two more drum tracks to be recorded for the Trinity album.  Plus red wine to drink, so on that note I will bid you a good night!

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