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Hello Friends

At this time of uncertainty for us all, we thought we would like to check-in with you and to let you know that we are thinking of you. The Coronavirus has affected everyone, in so many different ways. To those who have lost loved ones, our sympathies, to those who are ill, we wish you a speedy recovery, to those facing hard times, we understand and hope for solutions fast.

As an "over-70" myself, and with Sarah having recently recovered from pneumonia, we have decided that, for us, keeping safe means staying at home for a while. Not going out means that we will have an abundance of time to work on our children's books. We took a leap of faith this week (despite current financial concerns) and sent the Yendor book off to print. Sarah, currently working on the Yendor ebook version, will soon begin laying out the Oddney's Otherland book for publication. Myself, I am brimming with ideas for the second Oddney's Otherland book. Our puppy Barkeley, meanwhile, is enjoying a spot of gardening!

Thank you as always to you all for you past and continued support and interest in RM Studios.

Sincere best wishes,
Rodney and Sarah

P.S. Just to give you a peep - above is another image from our second children's book project Oddney's Otherland. It's titled 'Rescuers Three'.

Rescuer's Three © 2020 Rodney Matthews Studios



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