The Snugeldorfs - Smile, God Loves You!

Welcome to the land of Ompadoodle, home to the Snugeldorfs and other fantastic creatures. When we first meet the Snugeldorfs, we find that gloom and sadness has gripped their land so strongly that they believe discontent is with them to stay. But, one sunny day, a traveler from far away brings with him the news that will bring everyone unexpected joy!

With an uplifting message appropriate for ages 4 to 9, this wonderful faith-based tale is written in rhyme by American author Douglas King and illustrated with full colour paintings by Rodney Matthews. The Snugeldorfs first appeared in print in 1999.  This is the second printing.  

This paperback book, priced at £7.82, is only available from Amazon.  Kindle version, priced at £2.94, is also available.

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