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Oddney's Otherland Book - Pre-order for 9th July Release

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What would you do if you found a tunnel beneath your shed?

What if you knew it led to a whole other world?

And what if that world might be home to a dragon ... with two heads?

Professor Clive Oddney has no doubts - he must investigate!

Armed with his late Uncle Cuthbert's journal of mysterious creatures, the retired naturalist and his loyal friend Magnus, the sharp-witted magpie, embark on adventure into Otherland. Their quest? To seek out The Two-Headed Firedrake. Will they find it? Not if the mad, the bad and the downright weird buttock-snapping inhabitants of this world have anything to do about it.

One thing is for certain, an adventure as epic as this one, will rely upon the strength of true friendship.

Packed with fun and brimming with illustrations, pre-order your first edition hardback to arrive on 9th July 2024.

Also available as part of a limited edition Collector's Box Set 

More information

Written by: Sarah Matthews

Concept and Illustrations by: Rodney Matthews

Pages: 114 (includes 23 colour and 45 pencil illustrations)

Language: English

Format: Hardback (210 x 260 mm)

ISBN: 9781916384316

Published by: Rodney Matthews Studios

Printed by: Ex Why Zed, in the UK, on FSC certified papers

For: age 7+ (adult fans of fantasy, fun and dragons will love this too!)

Publication date: 9th July 2024

"you will LOVE the illustrations by my favourite artist, Rodney Matthews, and his DELICIOUSLY ZANY story, written with his very, very silly wife, Sarah"

- John Cleese (Writer, Actor and Tall Person)

"What a great book, and you can tell everything you do is put together with so much love. It's super immersive, and that's what I love about everything you do!!! It's inspiring and needless to say: it's fantastic."

- Tobias Sammet (Musician, Songwriter and Music Producer)

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