The Official Rodney Matthews Colouring Book Guide

"Great to have hatched this collaboration with Rock N' Roll Colouring. Being part of their tantalising collection, I find myself in the company of some real rock icons and their renowned cover designs.  I'll be most interested to see how people take my creations and make them their own!" - Rodney Matthews

Tygers of Pan Tang | Crazy Nights

Magnum | Chase the Dragon

Praying Mantis | Praying Mantis 

Eloy | Time To Turn

Avantasia | The Mystery of Time

Rick Wakeman | 2000 A.D. Into The Future

Nazareth | No Mean City

Magnum | On A Storyteller’s Night

Praying Mantis | Legacy

Veni Domine | Material Sanctuary 

Bob Catley | Immortal 

Asia | Aqua

Eloy | Planets

Praying Mantis | Predator in Disguise

Magnum | The Serpent Rings

Magnum | Mirador

Asia | Arena

Diamond Head | Am I Evil? 

Asia | Archiva

Praying Mantis | Time Tells No Lies

Tygers of Pan Tang | Ambush

Magnum | The Eleventh Hour

Geof Whitely Project | YETOTO

Russell Allen & Jørn Lande | The Revenge

Diamond Head | Living on ... Borrowed Time

Scorpions | Lonesome Crow