The Moon Pool (The Moon Pool)

The Moon Pool (The Moon Pool)

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A cover design for A. Merritt.  Matthews sent a pencilled layout to the publishers, Avon Books in New York.  A week or two later he happened to be in New York and called in at their office to see if it had arrived and if they had reached a decision about it.  The art director went wild – unfortunately not out of joy at seeing Matthews.  It seems that the rough draft had been sent back to England by express post, with an urgent demand for finished work to meet a pressing deadline.  When Matthews got home, he found that he only had three days to do the work and so it became one of those round-the-clock, bags-under-the-eyes jobs, fuelled by gallons of coffee.

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  • Title: The Moon Pool
  • Publisher: Big O Poster Company
  • Size: 50 cm x 70.5cm (19.7" x 27.8")
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