The Face in the Abyss (Original 1970s Poster)

The Face in the Abyss (Original 1970s Poster)

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A brand new, hand-signed, original 1970s poster.  A. Merritt’s traditional fantasy tale tells how an American, searching for gold in the Andes, becomes embroiled in a struggle between the Snake Mother, who is eventually victorious, and the Evil One who is represented by the face. The Snake Mother was described as having bare breasts in the story and this was the case with the completed artwork, but a request came back from the publishers, Avon Books in New York, asking for a bra to be added.  Things have not changed that much - someone was told to go over Michaelangelo’s mural painting in fig-leaves!

Additional Information:

  • Title: The Face in the Abyss
  • Publisher: Big O Poster Company
  • Size: 50 cm x 70.5cm (19.7" x 27.8")